Touch table and kiosks applications



Secured launcher for all your applications

Lanceur d'application tactile universel

The D-Launcher is an extremely useful tool that allows you to secure the Windows environment of your touch hardware and to let your users launch ANY preselected application without letting him interact with other softwares.




Dysplay is an application for showcasing your products through a tactile product catalogue or interactive map.



media présentés en scénographie

MédiaScène is a fun application that displays your media, picture galleries or videos in an animated background.



Navigateur Web tactile sécurisé

Dymwser is a multi-user touch web browser that lets you transform your website into a simple, interactive application at an affordable cost, and allows you to show users product catalogues and information in an enjoyable way.


Urban projects evolution showcase

projets urbains illustrés

EvoluMap allows to visualize on a map the coming or past evolutions of a specific place : city and urban projects, archaeological remains, places steeped in history… The user choose an area, a quater, and can see how it has evolved in time, with graphic datasheet of any project and of every area.


Browse your PDF brochire with a single finger

page flip touch application

Flyp-Reader allows users to browse a PDF document by fingertip just as a normal book, with pageflip effect.

22 Wayfinding

Find one’s way in tradeshow or mall

Application localisation Wayfinding

Wayfinding is a very evolved application based upon the 22-Miles engine, allowing you to render the map of your site in 2D or 3D, and to create paths between the information kiosk and the stand or shop researched. Detailed informations about the stand or shop can be displayed.



Conseil et vente sur table interactive

Jyminy is an application that allows you to present your products to visitors in a fun and interactive way on a touch table.

Brain Team

Serious Game made for analysing a company situation

Analyse et résolution d'une situation

This serious game allows 6 players to proceed to a full Porter’s model analysis through several questions about which they try to answer. Then, the propose solutions in front of identified problems, and agree together to implement the more easily achievable.


A touch concierge for hotels

KioskInfo- Conciergerie tactile

The application displays to hotel clients all available services as well as nearby attractions. It displays any useful informations for your services or surroundings.


New way of sharing and brainstorming

Outil collaboratif tactile de bureau virtuel

TeamDesk let many users share on a virtual desktop any type of working document : pictures, videos, PDF, Office jobs, webpages, 3D meshes, etc. ad to consult, duplicate, write notes, anything to boost your brainstorming meeting or milestone projects.


Event game of Wheel of fortune

LuckyWheel - Roue de la fortune

This event game allows you to offer lots to your customers or visitors. They can play by betting tokens on a roulette mat and launching the wheel in expecting to win a lot, or with no bet, simply by launching the wheel.


Serious game of “spot the mistake” kind

jeu trouvez l'erreur

This serious game is played by 4 players, including an arbitrator, who choose within a library a picture that appear in front of the 3 other players. Then those have to choose what is wrong in the picture : security probem, procedure problem, odd items. They circle it with the finger. The arbitrator then gives points out to the winner for every pictures.

touch game for grown-up

Fun games for many

Jeu tactile adulte : billard

Several mult-player games to enjoy with friends : pool, table-soccer, pong, AirHockey, etc.

Touch game for kids

Entertaining games to keep kids busy

jeu tactile enfant

Simple and playful games for several kids at the same time : froggies, jigsaw, memory,
Des jeux simples et ludique pour plusieurs enfants à la fois : les grenouilles, puzzles, memory, slingshot…


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