Jyminy : user-friendly touch sales


JYMINY : enhanced communication through digital technology.

Present your visitors and customers with products to suit their needs using Jyminy, a form of interpersonal communication with a split interface that allows both people to interact on their side.


JYMINY is a user-friendly product search and selection environment that can be used by :

  • One or several customers or visitors.
  • A sales person, counsellor, reception staff, concierge, or other.

The interface brings people together face-to-face to communicate using the touch zone on an interactive table. Here, they can slide over proposals for products, services, places or options to be viewed together and then selected or rejected.

The sales person prepares the space by defining the criteria that meet the customer’s needs. They can point out a product at any time by simply sliding over a product block.

The customer views the products, looks at the visuals, reads the descriptions and features (customer reviews if this option is available) and selects the products they like.

Through this application the touch table becomes a user-friendly sales tool for multi-user communication.


Jyminy conciergerie tactile
application conciergerie
Jyminy Conciergerie - plateau d'échange tactile
Jyminy - vente par l'échange


  • Zone for performing a search by category or by criteria that have been selected in the administration area
  • List of results, search history, shopping basket and favourite products
  • Viewing area (mirror image for sales person and customer) that can include a map with geolocation (properties, destinations, brands), a navigation menu with options, or a 3D image
  • “Push products” are featured products that should be presented first to the customer/visitor and a reminder to sales people to present them
  • Product block includes visuals, a description, features and reviews by other users (optional)
  • Product basket (or travel itinerary) to print or e-mail to the user, including links
  • Web interface for content, visuals and settings (interface operates off-line once it has been updated)


Here are a few examples of JYMINY applications :

Concierge service

In a luxury hotel or ski resort, the concierge service enhanced with Jyminy allows you to search for :

  • Restaurants at the resort
  • Entertainment and excursions
  • Sports activities
  • View the ski trails

Travel agency

In a travel agency the application helps you welcome customers and search for trips by :

  • Price
  • Comfort rating (1– 5 stars)
  • Travel type (single, family, sport, relaxation, etc.)
  • Activity type (golf, diving, cycling, club, etc.)
  • Climate (mountain, beach)

Tourist office

In a tourist office the application helps staff to welcome visitors and show them destinations they can visit during their stay :

  • Search for accommodation, places for dining out, activities, heritage sites
  • Search by type of group (couple, family, single, senior, disabled, etc.)
  • Search by time or dates (shows, museums, events)
  • Search by particular activity (golf, cycling, horse riding)
  • Search by partner

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