Dymwser : Multi-user touch WebBrowser


DYMWSER is a secure web browser which allows several users to browse simultaneously on your website entirely by touch.

The screen can be split into different zones to allow several people to surf at the same time and fill-in forms simultaneously.


Thanks to DYMENSION know-how, you can transform your website into a touch interface using the Dymwser solution. Maximise the use of your touch table, console or touch screen by allowing several users to browse the web at the same time! Customers and visitors will no longer have to wait for the touch equipment to be free before using it.

The URL bar is deactivated so you know your users will have to stay on your website.

The keyboard can be moved about freely and several function keyboards are available when the screen is being shared.


dymwser barre bas

Command bar at the bottom

navigateur web tactile

Retractable command bar for full screen effect

dymwser barre haut

Command bar at the top

Dymwser multi user

Screen divided for simultaneous use by multiple users


  • Closed navigation: configure the home page Internet address so that users cannot leave your website or open external links. If an external link is opened Dymwser takes them back to the home page.
  • Multi-use: the website can be viewed by several people at once and the screen can be divided into 2 (or even 4) so each user can browse at their own pace and fill-in separate forms.
  • Touch keyboard: a keyboard appears as soon as a user focuses on a text field. The keyboard can be moved anywhere on the screen with ease and closed when necessary. If the screen is being shared, each area has its own individual keyboard.
  • Zoom-in/zoom-out: with a simple pinch, zoom-in or zoom-out of a page for more reading comfort, or view the image of your choice.


  • Save time and money : Dymwser turns your website into a touch application so you don’t have to develop a separate application or create a PowerPoint presentation. Your website already exists!
  • Save time for users: users can read your information without having to wait for the screen to be free. Several people can use the browser at once.
  • Information at a lower cost: offer your customers and users a simple and free service. With the web browser they can find your information easily.


Here are some examples of Dymwser applications :

Trade show

Visitors learn about your company through your website content while you don’t have to bear the cost of developing an application.

Shopping mall, railway station, airport

Visitors can use it as an information kiosk to find: taxis, train timetables, maps of the local area, telephone numbers.


In stores, visitors can use your website as an extra catalogue for finding product collections, products not in the showroom, services, user reviews, and more.


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