Our touch table for restaurant

We offer touch table specifically designed for bar and restaurants. Such table allows your clients to check the menu directly on the table, with no waiting for the waiter to take care of them. The menu is always up-to-date, full of all useful informations, and orders can be delivered directly to the kitchen. No waiters is needed, or he can be there to upgrade the order of the clients or gice specific advice in order to sell better products.
Tables are splashproof, antiscratch and react only to fingers touch.

touch table for restaurant

Along with the table, here is the DELYSS application to order on the tables :


Food order on touch tables

application prise de commande sur table tactile

Table tactile application prise de commande

Solution price:
29 €HT /table /mois for 10 tables



Discover the whole application

To use your touch solution and to display your offer, your informations, or the interaction you are offering to your visitors, DYMENSION propose several touch hardwares : touch tables, interactive storefronts, console, kiosk, totem, tablets, interactive systems…

Touch console

Discover our Touch console

Touch kiosks

Discover our touch kiosks

Smiley satisfaction kiosk

Discover our satisfaction kiosks

Other touch furniture

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