Touch Table

DYMENSION creates bespoke solutions to match your activities and supplies interactive tables such as the Microsoft PixelSense® or other more spacious models that can be integrated into furniture.

Interactive Table

Interactive tables (or touch screen tables) are multi-touch screens that are designed for collaborative use by several people at once (in contrast to touch screens which can only be used by one person at a time). DYMENSION creates bespoke solutions that match your activities and delivers interactive tables like the Microsoft PixelSense® or other more spacious models that can be integrated into furniture.

The interactive table is a technological revolution that is going to transform the customer experience on the sales floor, creating a bridge between digitally accessed information and the guidance traditionally provided by sales people.

The customer becomes an active player, handling the digital content himself while the sales person goes back to his advisory role, guiding the client towards the relevant information and closing the sale.

Interactive Tables and their uses

Interactive tables can be used to :

  • Attract your target clients at events by using the table’s spectacular effects
  • Present your company and your services using an innovative and attractive tool
  • Present complex documents in an interactive way
  • Get  forms filled in by your team and your clients at the same time
  • Organise collaborative work meetings
  • Show your products in digital formats (photos, videos)
  • Let your clients use their own parameters, configure and customise your products
  • Carry out real-time simulations with your clients using their data

Interactive tables and their advantages

With an interactive table you will be able to

  • Access new sales features such as videos, guided forms, 3D object manipulation
  • Create a deeper connection with clients while benefiting from the force of digital tools
  • Present an up -to- date catalogue
  • Give an exhaustive product presentation

Our Touchscreen Tables

Table tactile Tabata, Samanta et Toma