EXPRESSYON : touch smiley customer feedback

With EXPRESSYON, create your smiley face feedback surveys tailored for tablets, feedback kiosks or any other device. In a few touch, your visitors can reply to many questions, and you get the result in real time


EXPRESSYON is a feedback solution for web or tablets dedicated to professionals. It lets you create complete surveys where answers are given by simple touch on smiley faces, on customized icons, on Multiple Choice Quizz, identity profiles, or free text input.

Surveys are created online through a kidish web interface and are instantly sent to your tablets, or may be sent by calendar planning on selected days. On the tablets, you are able to store multiple surveys that you can activate whenever is necessary. The calendar planning allows you to automate te whole process : the tablet will automatically use the desired survey according to the planned days.

Surveys can also be broadcasted as a webpage, what allows you to give a link from your website or to send the survey by email.

Expressyon is the top solution to measure client satisfaction, get feedback, launch field surveys or for an event. It allows you to organize complete surveys and polls for any need, and your vsitors just answer in a fun, playful and interactive way, in a couple of seconds.
The strength of EXPRESSYON lies in its graphical interface and its fastness to gather all data (in a few touch, your visitors have answered to a chain of questions). Above all, EXPRESSYON allows you to profile survey participants.

Last but not least, the gathering of data may be done without any internet connection. The data will be sent to the server at any time thereafter, as soon as a connection becomes available.

enquete satisfaction smiley tablette






Expressyon enquete satisfaction QCM

Expressyon enquete satisfaction texte libre

Expressyon enquete satisfaction chiffres

Bornes satisfaction client


  • Elegance: The survey is fully graphical and stylized for your visitors’ pleasure. The interface is soft and enjoyable, and you can customized the logo. We can moreover customize the full graphic chart for more demanding clients.
  • Simplicity: Creation of surveys and questions is extremely simple, under many types as smiley faces, Multiple choice Quizz, in text or with graphics, text or numbers input. The solution manage multilingual and allows to launch your surveys in two languages and to change translation on the go. Last, the managing of multiples surveys may be done in a manual or automatized way.
  • Fastness : Your visitors only spend a few seconds to answer to many questions. They thus can express themselves in a fun and up-to-date way, far from old fashioned paper and pen polls. Moreover, if the tablet is online, or the Survey in web mode, you will get instant real time results.
  • Toughness : The best of all : the solution works offline. New surveys are downloaded while you have internet connection, then data are saved in the tablet until it can come online back (3G or Wifi). Data synchronization becomes automatic as soon as internet connection is detected. Also, when viewing the results, you can filter them by profile, which means filtering all answers according to others answers (only men’s answers, women’s, youths, regula client, etc.)



The administration console is a website that allows you to

  • Create surveys and questions
  • Plan surveys diffusion
  • Generate web link to broadcast the Survey in web page
  • Ass customized icons for your questions
  • Consult online results (in real time if tablets are online)
  • Filter results, cross datas
  • Publish and export data in PDF or XLS format, receive thel by email
  • etc.

enquete de satisfaction résultats graphiques

enquete de satisfaction par profil

enquete de satisfaction création des questionnaires


here are exemple of how the EXPRESSYON solution can be used :

  • Stores : near the exit, ask your client about their experience in the store
  • Food service : catering or luxury restaurant, ask your client to leave their feeling, their remarks
  • Event : on your event place, don’t let your visitor go without leaving their feelings and some information about themselves, whether on kiosks tablets or on hand tablets with hostesses.
  • Hotel and hospitality: ask your client about their experience on site

And above all, use the results to communicate internally or externally, improve the client experience by taking account of their remarks, detect rejected profiles.

DYMENSION can help you to manage this surveys by providind the appropriate support : 10″ or 15″ touch kiosk with professional quality, 24/7, steel case on stand VESA 100.
Please contact us to know our prices, et different hardware we propose

Are you looking for a simpler solution : OPINYON smiley kiosk

enquête satisfaction client par borne smiley

Dymension offers also a simplier solution for your feedback surveys : OPINYON smiley kiosk

The OPINYON Smiley kiosk requires no power supply and send collected information with no required internet connexion. The users can choos between 3 buttons and just answer the question inserted into the shlef.

Feedback survey smiley kiosk with buttons