Other interactive products / Kinect

Dymension maintains an active watch on advances in technology to bring you the latest innovations using human-computer interaction.

Interactive Surfaces

Using latest generation technology, Dymension makes it possible to transform a work surface, a shop window, a wall or even a floor into an interactive surface.

Dymension presents « SCREENDESK », a solution that can transform a work surface into a touch screen by means of a box placed on the work surface.


Interactive Wall

Using cameras such as Kinect, Dymension can recognise movements and enables your clients to benefit from an interactive application without physical contact to publicise your products, your region or your uses.

Dymension presents its « PLANYSPHÈRE »solution which enables you to control Google Earth through gestures, making it easy to fly over a region and move around at will.


Interactive shop window

Does your shop look onto the street?  Its location can be optimized by making your shop window interactive.  Your clients will be able to see your products even when the shop is closed.

DYMENSION presents « DELYSS », a great way to display product information directly using a tablet, animate your products or detect their presence or absence.


Augmented Reality

In the near future DYMENSION will offer augmented reality solutions using augmented reality glasses equipped with mini screens which can display all sorts of information in the user’s field of vision (AR Glasses ou Google Glasses).

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