Touch tablets application

Delyss Tablet

Touch menu for restaurants

Delyss: meal order from touch tablet

Delyss is a complete tablet menu that offers a full restaurant dishes list to consult, including all kind of menus, and to order. Orders are directly sent to kitchen on a thermic printer or a screen.

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Satisfaction Survey with smiley for tablets and kiosks

Expressyon application de sondage tactile

Expressyon Survey is an application that allows you to create your satisfaction surveys on your own by graphical means : smileys to give a feeling, icons of free input for other kind of questions.

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Animation game for your stores

jeu jackpot

A great application to let your customers earn prizes and collect some data. The game launches after the completion of a form that let you gather these datas.

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let patient or other resident on hospitality place select a meal quickly

MediaMenu - meal captured quickly

MediaMenu offers to select meals by picture within several choices quickly for massive data collect. The application is great for meal selection in hospital or nursing home. Choosen meals are sent to kitchen accordingly to their ingredients, consomption mode and known allergy

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Neurologic diagnostics through medical exercices on touch tablets

Neurologyss : neurologic diagnostic on tablets

Neurologyss is an application designed for health specialists as neurologists and practitioners made of multiples medical exercices allowing to detect cognitive impairment and to measure how important they are.

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Save and animate products in a storefront during queue

Selectyo: save a product during queue

The Selectyo application allows your customers to check details of a product displayed during queue, and to save those that please them, then represented by colored circles projected on the product.

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